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MassKnowsMitt.com gives the voters who know Mitt Romney best, but
haven’t been heard much during this campaign, to share their view
about the Republican challenger’s governing approach, views and
values. Those of us from the Bay State have a lot of insight to share
with nation, but so much media attention is paid to the nine “swing
states,” we haven’t had the platform to say it.

In just one day, MassKnowsMitt.com collected 100 testimonials about
how we fared under Romney’s tenure. The picture is not pretty. You
will not find evidence of bipartisanship and pragmatism, despite what
the latest “Etch-a-Sketch” from the Romney campaign depicts. The story
told by Massachusetts locals is one of opportunism and abandonment.

A failure to work with the Democratic legislature and follow through
on his campaign rhetoric. An eagerness to skip town as soon as the
legislature hand-delivered him a major legislative accomplishment for
which he could take credit. A bizarre willingness to trash his home
state before his first term was over, in a cheap attempt to curry
favor with right-wing voters that determine the outcome of Republican
presidential primaries. Nothing that earns trust that he can adhere to
the political center, and put what’s right before what’s politically

The real story is here to see, in the raw, personal testimonials below.