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Home Voices of Massachusetts Acushnet He was not a governor, but a boss.

He was not a governor, but a boss.

He was not a governor, but a boss. He sent 800,000 jobs to China, and my poor mother in law at 80+ years, saw her home taxes go up every year so that she had to have help from all of us to keep her home. Her daughter and son in law lived with her along with another son so she could get by. We are still trying to bail out from him. But I think the strangest thing I was told by someone that worked for him was the elevator in the State House. He decided it was going to be his. So no one was allowed to use it, and I mean NO ONE except him and everyone else had to use the stairs. Now I have to wonder if a person working there had a medical problem, or a heart attack while he was in office, on the 4th floor, the paramedics would have had to carry that person down 4 flights of stairs as the elevator was off limits! Far as I know, this is a very true story. It was such a relief to see him go
- Ruth, Acushnet


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