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I still remember the humiliation…

My daughter shared the experience of what it means to be a leader when Mitt was governor.  Mitt likes to brag that he did not raise taxes in Massachusetts and balanced the budget. He does not talk about the impact of his decisions. The public high school my daughter attended was forced to make hard choices to maintain the level of education that it had historically. This meant extra curricula activities such as sports and drama saw severe cuts in funding. The only way too extra curricula activities was by instituting user fees. As the parent of the team captain, I had the unfortunate responsibility to inform parents of the user fees and to gently remind them to pay if they wanted their child to continue in the activity. I still remember the humiliation in the voices of her peers’ parents as they told me that their children could not participate in the sports because they did not have the spare cash to pay the user fees for the sports. Ultimately, the teams were not inclusive in her public school because the children from upper middle class families were able to participate because their parents paid the user fees. Parents who did not have the extra money did not have the reward of seeing their children succeed in areas that were outside of the academic classes. As for me, the amount I needed to pay for user fees for her to participate in extra curricula activities year round at a public high school exceeded how much taxes had gone up in previous years.
- Fern, Williamstown


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