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Home Voices of Massachusetts Haverhill Romney emptied the State Rainy Day Fund

Romney emptied the State Rainy Day Fund

Romney emptied the State Rainy Day Fund — used to keep the state economy stable during hard times — in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy. He cut funding to the cities and towns causing our property taxes to go up. Our fees (i.e.: auto license, dog license, business permits, etc) doubled, while teachers, police and fire-fighters were laid-off. He spent his last year bad-mouthing the state at several Republican gatherings. When he left office, his staff removed all the hard-drives from the state computers to bury his tenure, leaving a check to cover the cost for new hard drives. In my opinion: that is like robbing a bank and leaving an I.O.U. I would like to see the campaign wind-down with the slogan: Ask Massachusetts!
- Roger, Haverhill


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