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Home Voices of Massachusetts Worcester Romney will never win an election here.

Romney will never win an election here.

Mitt took tons of state jobs and moved them overseas – computer tech was a hot job at the time and my husband, who is a carpenter was finishing up a computer programmig class as something he might do as a second career. Outsourcing all those was a green light to Mass companies to do the same – no one in his entire class got a job.

He then paid increased fees to maintain his professional licenses and certifications, increased fees for pulling a construction permit, increased fees for inspections.

He slashed basic services mostly for the poor including homeless vets. He cut higher public ed by 25% which crippled community colleges and state universities which served primarily massachusetts residents. His scholarship program that he has gone on and on about amounted to less then $750.00 dollars, you still paid for books, housing, dinning plans. If you were a commuter there were fees. The best thing about Mitt Romney being govenor was that he was out of the state most of the time campaigning for president – at our taxpayer expense. He only seemed to come back to state to veto legislation – a record 704 times, unprecented for any govenor in our state, especially for someone who claims to have been so bipartisan. He is not even trying to contest this state becuase he will never win an election here.
Judith, Worcester

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