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Home Voices of Massachusetts Natick Special interests over public interest.

Special interests over public interest.

Breastfeeding offers important health benefits for mothers and babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics and many other health professional organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six month. Formula company “goodie bags” for new mothers with samples, coupons and advertising send a message that the hospital providing this “gift” endorses early formula feeding and that this practice undermines breastfeeding initiation. The public health, breastfeeding, and childbirth communities support banning those bags. In 2006, Governor Romney blocked this ban, which was supported by the Department of Health. He stood on the side of powerful corporate interests rather than the Commonwealth’s mothers, babies, and families. Since his tenure, all hospitals in the Commonwealth have voluntarily eliminated this inappropriate practice. I cannot vote for someone who repeatedly prioritizes policies for special interests over policies for public interests.
- Carol, Natick

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